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HexWrap Insulation Package

What is HexWrap?
HexWrap is a unique, flexible insulation blanket specifically designed for Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers. It consists of a flexible, pre-fit outer jacket bonded to either open-cell or closed-cell foam insulation. HexWrap is easily installed and is adjustable if you expand your heat exchanger. It has a temperature range of -70ºF to +350ºF and intermittent up to 400º F and has low smoke and flame ratings. HexWrap is designed to be simple to install. Some minor trimming or cutting may be required but that is easily accomplished with only a knife and scissors. The 30 mil reinforced PVC outer jacket exhibits excellent moisture and water resistance as well as UV properties. The jacket has been used for years as outdoor insulation covering in factories all over the US and will provide years of service.

*E-mail your heat exchanger dimensions and temperatures for a quotation.
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